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In order to be able to prepare a poem in a totally manual form and to present it with your students you can follow the following steps:
1- Write the poem in a paper (leaving spaces over each line to incorporate later the gestures):

2-Download and print the dictionary of gestures English-Yogote (clic here to go there)

3-Look in the pages of the dictionary for the words that fit with the main ideas of the poem (if the exact word does not appear, look for a resemblance, or a related idea):


6-Observe the form of the signogram (it is the name for the drawing of the gesture), and copy it in the paper on the corresponding idea of the poem:

7- Once you have drawn all the signogramas on the poem (we say that the poem is " glossed"), copy it for your students:


8-Explain to the students how they should make the gestures. It is enough for it to observe the outlines of every signogram and to recognize in them the following information:

       Position and point of view (heavy lines, when it is one there)

       Hand Shapes (at the end of the gesture)

       Movements of the hands

Each of these elements is explained in the corresponding link, with images.

9-Practice with your students a presentation of the poem, while doing the gestures at the same time as it is recited.

10-Finally, make a video record of your students´ presentation.
In this way, you will be able to send to the administrator of the Web the video along with a scanned copy of the poem and the remaining information that you think is opportune to incorporate.
To see an example of presentation for the previous poem,  click on this link.