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Presentation to the European Commission

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Presentation of the YoGoTe project to the European Commissioner for Multilingualism

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On the occasion of the institutional visit of the European Commissioner of Multilingualism, Mr. Leonad Orban, to Galicia, day 24 of April of 2009, it was made a presentation of the project of multilingualism with international gestures, YoGoTe, in the Faculty of Audio-visual Communication of the University of Santiago de Compostela, with the participation of the Universities of Vigo and Minho (Portugal)
The objective of the presentation is to present the philosophy and objectives of the project, that consists basically of fostering the use of the international gestures at all the levels of inetrnacional communication and multilingualism, offering free and unexpensive a series of information and resources for it in the page Web of the project
: www.yogote.net

Development of the presentation

- Participant in the presentation: coordinator of the project, representatives of the UNESCO Associated Schools, of the Universities of Santiago, Vigo and Braga, and of other participant institutions and organizations
- Explanation of the concept of " Multilingualism in your hands" , that will be developed by the participant Universities like a contribution to the learning of languages in Europe by means of the international gestures as a common methodology.
- Brief exhibition of some of the activities that were made in the diverse educative levels during the fourteen years of existence of the YoGoTe project, in Primary (activities of students in school festivals) and Secondary schols (presentation of poems and songs in original version) and in the university level (formation of multilingual phrases), all of them with support of international gestures. Special mention deserves the fact that a Web page on European poetry with international gestures has received two important European prizes: a Third Prize to the Intercultural Dialogue and a First Prize eLearning, information that can be seen in the Web page of the YoGoTe project, section " News".

- Exhibition of some of the anticipated activities in order to give continuity and development to the project in the school and academic scope:
- Publication in the Web of the YoGoTe project of a series of lessons and educative materials online in more than 20 different languages, following in all of them a same methodology based on the use of the international gestures like a tool for the learning of languages.
- Preparation of a project by the participant Universities to use the international gestures like a multilingual resource in relation to the ERASMUS students who undergo academic stays of a year of duration in European countries. Previous identification of the basic comunicative needs which a student ERASMUS faces (from their personal experience) will prepare beginner´s materials to the language of each country, as well as to the culture and characteristics of their educative system, so that a student of any country can receive through Internet an interesting formation previous to his trip.
- Beginning of a network of Clubs of Languages for the practice of multilingualism at school level, using the available lessons and materials in Internet. The students of an educative center can select " by menu" a language among the more than 20 available ones, and to make a lot of approaching activities yo it by means of the international gestures. The clubs of languages will be able to form " pairs of clubs" in which students of two countries will mutually help themselves to improve the learning through the new technologies, because they use the same international gestures at any moment.
- Beginning of two new poetry Webs with international gestures, together with the existing ones on American poetry on the part of the Digital Network of Latin American Schools and on European poetry: a Web on African poetry, with the collaboration of House Africa and the Commission for the UNESCO of Senegal, and another one on Asian poetry on the part of Asia House, the Municipal Institute of Educació (IME) of Barcelona and the training centers on Asian languages of the Universities Pompeu Fabra and Central of Barcelona, with the collaboration of UNESCO Schools in both cases.
- Possibilities of following and support by the European Commission.
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Agenda Commissioner Orban (see day 24 of April 2009 in Santiago) )



Greeting by representatives of the  Pedra da Auga Secondary School


With representatives of the three Universities


Explanation of the YoGoTe international gestures


In front of the Faculty of Audio-visual Communication








The YoGoTe project has been presented previously to diverse members of the Commission of Culture and Educación of the European Parliament, which have given samples of their interest in supporting this project:
Mr. Guy Bono (France, Socialist Group), as a member of the Commission of Culture and member of the Interparliamentary Commissions USA-Mexico and Central USA-America, has found the YoGoTe project very interesting, and thinks that it will be possible to find support of the Commission of Culture of the European Parliament.
Ms. Lissy Groener (Germany, Socialist Group) considers that this is a new way to make possible the communication over the existing linguistic barriers. In the form in which it appears in the Internet pages, it is clearly deserving of support, and her support to the project can be informed to the Latin American Parliament.
Mr Bernat Joan i Mari (Spain, Group of The Greens/tEuropean Free Alliance) is delighted of being able to collaborate with the project, asking for greater information on concrete proposals and forms of collaboration.
Ms. Karin Resetarits (Austria, Liberal and Democratic Group of the Alliance of Europe) indicates its disposition to present the project to other members of the Commission of Culture.
Mr. Nikolaos Sifunakis (Greece, Socialist Group), at that time President of the Commission of Culture, found the project interesting and deserving of support. He sent copies of the project to other members of the Commission, like Doris Pack (Germany, European Popular Group) and Vasco Graça-Moura (Portugal, European Popular Group).
Ms. Ulpu IIvari (Finland, Socialist Group) has found the project very interesting.




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